Probiotic Micros

Inorganic Chelation

  • Higher Leaching losses due to in-organic chelation
  • Insoluble Precipitates formation
  • Lesser availability of nutrients due to strong claw formation- “chel” in Latin means claws
  • Easily reactive with air water and soil


Organic Chelation

  • Organic process so no leaching losses
  • Forms stable solution without insoluble precipitates
  • Controlled availability of nutrients as per conditions,
  • Safe-guard in stress and release under favorable conditions

Product Line

Pro-Essen Ca
Pro-Essen Mn
Pro-Essen Mg
Pro-Essen Cu
Pro-Essen Combi Alpha

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Agzon Agro Pvt Ltd provides reliable and cost effective solution for the nutrition requirement of plant.

The 2015 founded organization deals in specialty fertilizer, probiotic micronutrient solution, Biostimulants, adjuvant and other plant growth regulators.


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